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Guangzhou JinHang Electronics Co., LTD.£¬a joint-stock limited  company founded in 2009 , is a collection of
development£¬manufacturing and sales of automobile video and audio  entertainment system.  It is  committed to creat a  hightech
company  with advanced technoloy  both at home and  abroad. The  system  products  made by  WeiLuShi  have  been exported  to
Europe , America , Middle  East  and  Southeast  Asia  widely , The company  have been developing the domestic market gradually
and it will soon be the pioneer and leader  enterprise in domestic automobile comsumption electronic market.
The professional field products developed,designed,produced and sale by WeiLuShi are as follows:
I¡¤n-car Wireless On Demand Entertainmet System(WiFi)
¡¤In-car Satellite TV System
¡¤In-car Intelligent Display and Operating System

Guangzhou Jinghang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd ¡¡ Tel£º020-2296 6096
Fax£º020-2296 5472 E-mail£º